World Sweet Cherry Review

World Sweet Cherry Review – 2018 Edition

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The world sweet cherry industry is rapidly coming of age and requires new strategies to deal with its greater prominence.

The 2018 edition of the World Sweet Cherry Review contains the usual detailed information on production, trade, consumption, prices, processing and variety development around the world. As the last edition of this popular review, it also includes special features including:

  • The Future is NOW. The global market environment is being rocked by an endless series of changes in demographics, science and technology, communication, retailing competition, artificial intelligence, Blockchain, Bitcoin, autonomous vehicles, etc. Continuous adjustment will be required.

  • Production of sweet cherries is growing rapidly in major producing countries.

  • Expect up to 50 percent greater availability of fresh sweet cherries for export.

  • Greater concentration of production and exports among dominant suppliers.

  • Major traditional markets erecting new barriers to imports.

  • Urgent need to open and expand new markets for fresh sweet cherries.

  • Sweet cherries transitioning from a commodity to a consumer product.

  • Consumer behavior changing in unprecedented ways.

  • Sweet cherry industry will require a fresh approach to global marketing as traditional markets languish and new markets are difficult.

  • China, the new import colossus in sweet cherries, presents challenges.

These and other key topics are lavishly illustrated with 41 original tables and 16 original charts that can be used for boardroom discussions on strategy, staff training, etc.

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