World Pear Review

World Pear Review – 2016 Edition

The 2016 issue of the World Pear Review answers key questions like:

How will global trends impact the pear industry?
Slowing world economy. Economic woes in Argentina, Turkey, etc. Failed government stimulus policies. Strife in Eastern Europe, Mideast, China Sea. Russian import embargo.

Who will win or lose from exchange rate fluctuations?

Future production prospects?

Can China’s production boom continue?

Are western pear producers doomed to slow growth in production?

Future trade prospects?

Can global trade in fresh pears rebound?
Import-dependent countries often slowest growing. New forms of protectionism being introduced. How countries ranked in competitiveness in 2016.

Why countries like China, Japan and India are NOT big importers?

Can blockbuster trade deals, like TTIP and TTP help?

How pear variety mix is changing?

Is dependence on few varieties ending?

Can new cultivars revitalize pear sector?

Have managed clubs (induced scarcity) a future in pears?

Why Southern Hemisphere suppliers are more responsive to changing demands?

Does the future lie with specialization (Portugal with Rocha), or niche products (New Zealand)?

Efforts to boost consumption?

How can younger consumers be wooed?

How real is the growing middle class?

Do fresh pears need a more powerful “story?”

Is there a future for processed pears?

Can generic and proprietary promotions work together?

Can new Western, Asian or Hybrid cultivars help?

Will organics add to, or subtract from, conventional sales?

Will burgeoning middle class in developing countries welcome pears?

Can strong prices continue?

How much can world production grow in next decade?
Will that depress prices.

How much of the retail price returns to the marketer… the grower, and why?

Will retailer shift to smaller stores squeeze pears out of produce shelves?

Answers to these, and many other topics are analyzed in depth and illustrated with 35 original tables and 21 original charts. A detailed table of contents and country index is provided so the reader can quickly find topics of interest.