World Kwiwifruit Review

World Kiwifruit Review – 2016 Edition

The world kiwifruit industry appears to have put the worst of the PSA epidemic behind it and is gearing up for future expansion. This edition of the World Kiwifruit Review analyzes some of the major challenges that lie ahead and how different segments of the industry are preparing to tackle them. Just some of the topics covered include:

  • Production trends in major producing countries
  • Remaining lagged effects of PSA
  • Future role of new cultivars. Prospects for gold- and red-fleshed varieties.
  • Effects of economic slowdowns on consumer demand.
  • Dealing with exchange rate volatility.
  • Roles of slowing population growth and rapid aging in rich countries.
  • Importance of income growth to kiwifruit demand.
  • Matching existing and new competitors in the fruit section.
  • Effects of closures of the Russian market.
  • Rising protectionist sentiment in many markets.
  • Effects of borders closing in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.
  • Who will benefit from trade deals like TPP and TTIP?
  • China’s potential as a market and a global competitor.
  • Will Iran now trade kiwifruit freely in the region?
  • Can Greece’s spectacular rise continue?
  • Can Italy solve its consistency problems?
  • Will New Zealand’s gamble on Sungold pay off?
  • Effects of continuous turmoil in the retail food sector?
  • How kiwifruit marketers can help retailers stand out from their competition.
  • How kiwifruit will compare on retail performance measures?
  • Increasing competition for shelf space.
  • Opportunities in traditional and in emerging markets.
  • Increasing role of packaging and promotion in adding value.
  • Promoting kiwifruit in a sea of dubious health claims.
  • Fractionation of consumer interests and demands.
  • How social media are disrupting traditional marketing.
  • How major producing countries can organize to improve effectiveness.
  • Importance of new technology in meeting government, retail and consumer needs.
  • Needed focus on quality delivered to the consumer’s home.

The many topics analyzed are illustrated with 25 original tables and 20 original charts.

The authoritative guide to the world apple business.

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